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We Ghosts have been performing live, mostly as a duo, for two decades. As well as touring around the world with their own music (visit VIDEOS to see live concert footage) they have also developed an extensive repertoire of cover versions of classic songs in genres ranging from pop, rock, blues, soul, reggae, country and jazz.

Through the years this show too has become popular and they have have had long term working relationships with many highly regarded venues, including in Sweden, such as:

Vann Spa Hotel- Brastad, Sweden (2014 - currently)

Tanumstrand Hotel och Spa- Tanum, Sweden (2022- currently)

Scandic Laholmen, Strömstad, Sweden (2018- currently)

Stenungsbaden Hotel and Yacht Club- Stenungsund, Sweden (2023)

Smögen Hafvbad, Smögen, Sweden (2015- currently)

Quality Spa Hotel and Resort- Strömstad, Sweden (2007- 2014)

Clarion Sign Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden (2009- 2015)

Quality Spa Hotel Son, Son, Norway (2013- 2014)

And many more...

We Ghosts are always looking to expand their client list.

Whether you want to book a show with their original music, their cover show or a mixture of both, please contact us directly with your enquires.

This play list features some of the cover versions

We Ghosts perform. All the songs are recorded at gigs, performed live as a duo. 

More live material can be found under VIDEO

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