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We Ghosts mostly perform as a duo but when the opportunity is given, there is nothing we love more than playing with a larger line up and we are proud to work with some truly wonderful musicians.

Below is a teaser made from footage captured on our October -22 mini tour in France. In France we've been playing with our excellent drummer David Teboul, for several years now and recently we also have the pleasure of further increasing our line up with the talented Christophe Michaud. They are both masters of their instruments as well as lovely people and we look forward to doing more shows together!

More live footage from these shows can be found on our VIDEO page.  

Edited by: David Teboul

We Ghosts-Love Will Tear Us Apart COVER .PNG

We are happy to announce the release of our 3d single in collaboration with

Stockholm based label, COMEDIA.

Our take on the song, Love Will Tear Us Apart, by the epic band Joy Division.

Click the button below, select your preferred platform to hear the whole track!

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