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In Feb, We Ghosts returned to France, to play a few shows as a quartet featuring our trusted drummer, David Teboul and bass-player, Christophe Michaud.

As always it was a true pleasure! Below is a live video of us playing our new song, Just Because! More clips from this trip, click on VIDEO 

FRANCE 24.jpg

In association with our label COMEDIA, we are happy to announce our latest single ALMOST ALONE (released 19/01/24)

Written/performed/recorded/produced by: We Ghosts

CO-produced/mixed/mastered by: Richard Westlake

We are thrilled to announce that our record label COMEDIA, has nominated our album 'Derailed' for both a MANIFESTGALA AWARD (Sweden's independent record label awards) and a GRAMMY!

We are so proud of this album (as well as Idle Hands of course)!

If you haven't heard it, check it out!

Special shout-out to our co-producers, Johnny Quadrio, Martin Carlberg

and our very own Richard Westlake!

Also, special thanks to David Teboul and Derek Chai for lending your musical skills and to Claes and Co of COMEDIA for your support and belief in us!

We Ghosts latest albums 'Derailed' and 'Idle hands' are now available to stream and download on all platforms!

The albums are released in association with Stockholm based label COMEDIA.

Considered by the band to be a double album, they should be enjoyed as such!

we ghosts- idle hands- album cover 1.png
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